Ontoto Greyhound


The Ontoto Greyhound is our lean and efficient data logger offering an over-achieving level of performance; unexpected of an entry level product. We've developed the Greyhound firmware and hardware designs extensively to suit the needs of Hydrogeologists and Environmental Scientists. The result is a durable; tamper resistant data logger that provides customisable sampling and reporting frequencies, all configurable remotely via SMS.

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Product Features

- Records and transmits the level and temperature data from the site, back to you using the 3G mobile network.

- Battery powered device; up to 5 years between battery changes (with a sleeping current draw of only 7uA).

- Remotely configurable by the end user via SMS.

- Sampling and reporting frequencies from as little as one minute, to as much as one year.

- Occupies the only available space in standard steel monuments for a simple onsite retrofit.

- No proprietary software to receive or access the data.

- Complimentary web portal for device & data management.

- Designed and made in Australia.

Technical Specifications

- Communicating on Telstra’s 3G network using our tested and compliant range of aerials.

- MODBUS - Microsensor’s Intelligent Transmitter; gives an operational water column range from 0.5 to 200m.

- Device powered using standard 1.5V alkaline batteries.

- Galvanised Steel and PET casing ensure longevity.

- Operational temperature range from -20 to 54 degrees C.

- Dimensions 90mm (W) x 90mm (L) x 95mm (H)

- Product Weight: 870grams (including batteries)

Logger in Field

Exploded view of Greyhound Install ( slides into monument cap; tighten bolt )

'Ultra low power, remotely programmable, data to your inbox' - Ontoto
ACN: 608 892 351