The Next Generation of Remote Telemetry Data Loggers That Bring Unmatchable Performance & Accuracy

the new ontoto astro data loggers provide data insights via remote telemetry satellite

Our world depends on accurate data & seamless integration. From construction sites to water preservation.

Data logging provides an invaluable lifeline to keep things running smoothly and at optimal conditions. But the biggest hurdles currently faced in digital monitoring are integrity, autonomy and ease of access to data.

Ontoto’s suite of innovative devices overcome this.

We provide data loggers that are not only super simple to setup and use, but autonomously transmit your readings via 3G/4G and even satellite telemetry.

secure backup and access to data

Never risk the integrity of your data again through manual logging or third-party band-aid solutions. Ontoto does it all.

Data is available in real-time through the web portal and the Ontoto Connect Application. Your data can also be easily integrated into your projects thanks to our secure and simple to use Application Programming Interface(API).  You can even easily export your data as a CSV file for use in a variety of other applications.

Designed with redundancy in mind, a copy of your data is also securely stored to the device itself.

Ontoto’s loggers break the bounds of ordinary data solutions and the tedious maintenance involved.

This is achieved not only through our unique ability to transmit from literally anywhere in the world, but also thanks to our ultra-low power architecture. This allows the most reliable and accurate data transmissions for up to 5 years on only one battery pack.

a wide range of supported sensors

Ontoto’s Data logger devices support a wide range of high-resolution sensors out of the box, with simple and fast extendability to literally any sensor you need.

Feeling lost with choosing the right system? We’re here to help. Our phone support team is always available for any questions you may have. Need help with installation and setup? Our on-site installation team is ready and at your service, for installations in Australia and around the world. Our data loggers are also designed and made locally.

Smart data logging requires smart solutions, so you can focus on what matters most.

So what are you waiting for? Take the ultimate step & contact us today.

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Our Data Monitoring Solutions

Meet the Greyhound, our all-new compact, energy efficient and powerful data logger. It has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of hydro-geologists and environmental scientists, thus far exceeding the efficiency of other entry-level data loggers. The result is a long-lasting, tamper-resistant and power-efficient data logger that delivers customizable sampling and reporting frequencies, all of which can be configured remotely.

Introducing our Greyhound data logger’s next evolution; The Astro. In addition to further improving the Greyhound’s already lightweight, durable and power-efficient design, the Astro now provides customers a powerful solution even in the most remote areas.

The Astro uses a constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Relaying its data to our web portal via satellite every 12 hours, where it is automatically processed and displayed.

The Astro comes packaged with an optional digital water quality sensor (MODBUS digital level sensor) and free access to the Onto Web portal, the most effective way to display and manage your data.

Ontoto’s Environmental Monitoring System, the next generation weather station that provides data with unprecedented accuracy.

A weather station that is so sophisticated yet so easy to set up and use. You can easily set the Environmental Monitoring system to record data at any interval. From as little as ten minutes, up to one year. Don’t risk the privacy of your data by manual logging, our data is sent directly to your web portal via 3G/4G autonomously.
Get the metrics that you need via our line of high-resolution in-built sensors:

  • Solar Radiation
  • Precipitation
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Gust speed
  • Lightning Strikes & Strike Distance
  • Air quality & Particulate Matter (PM 2.5 – PM 10)

Efficient Greyhound

Our RTU/ASCII interface is highly modular, providing a platform for multiple sensors all while running at ultra-low power

Android & iOS App Available

Initial configuration of the logger is done at the site wirelessly via BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy

Data Monitoring System

Our web-based platform provides our customers with the ability to view and manage their data at any time and any place

Customer Support

All of our facilities are based in Australia, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our local customer support.

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