ontoto astro's remote telemetry infographic

Ozwater aims to bring their conference online, focusing on a thirst for action in the big issues of water security, sustainability, climate change and it’s causes and effects in the economy.

At ozwater 2020, we will be showcasing our revolutionary new remote telemetry data logging system, the Astro. The Astro uses a Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation to provide data and insights from even the most remote locations in the world.

Our ultra energy efficient, satellite-based data logging solution is the next step in remote telemetry monitoring, bringing reliability and low maintenance data monitoring, into one simplistic, yet powerful data logging solution for the masses.

Ultimately bringing down the costs of remote telemetry, slashing the time and resources needed for site maintenance and deployment, Ontoto’s Astro provides the end-user with industry standards and compliance built-in.

Get data from anywhere in the world, via Ontoto’s web portal, via our easy to use API, or even plain CSV data, for use in third-party applications.

We are also exhibiting our 4G/LTE Remote Telemetry solution, the Ontoto Greyhound. An ultra energy efficient data logger that transmits your data via 4G/LTE networks. With simple, customizable reporting and transmission frequencies, and all data stored on the device and securely in the cloud.

Ontoto supports a wide range of sensors, giving accurate and high-resolution data, with support for custom sensors available. We currently stock and support:

  • Holykell Level Sensors – gives high resolution, low power insights to water level data.
  • MAX-1 Multisensor –  pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids, ChlorophyII a, Blue-Green Algae, CDOM/fDOM, Level & Temperature. Perfect for Groundwater/wells/mining & wastewater treatment.
  • SMR-04 pH Sensors – reliable, low power, and low-cost monitoring of pH levels
  • SMR-07 electroconductivity sensors –  reliable, low power, and low-cost monitoring of electroconductivity
  • Vibrating Wire Sensors – Low power, high accuracy vibrating wire sensors, for up to 10 channels

More information on the sensors we support here.

Check out the Ontoto Astro Here, and sign up for ozwater online 2020 here.