Ontoto Meerkat

Product Features

• Can be ordered in either a DIN rail mounted version (a trimmed down suited to a particular purpose) or a stand alone modular enclosure version (more suited to sites that demonstrate the future need for expansion).

• Can be used as a data concentrator, LoRa hub or setting up an ad-hoc radio network.

• Records and transmits the data from multiple sensors and sends it to our web portal via the 3G/4G, LTE or LoRa networks for easy viewing and management.

• Many power options.

• Input/output functions.

• Uses a range of aerials to utilise even the weakest signal strength.

• Sampling and reporting frequencies (from as little as a minute to as much as a year) that can be configured at anytime via our web portal.

• Over the air firmware updates.

• No proprietary software is needed to access your data.

• Complimentary web portal for device and data management.

Technical Specifications

• Ultra-low power capable with a sleep current of 2uA.

• Low power online mode.

• Two digital inputs/outputs (pulse, on/off).

• Optional 2 relays output SPDT, 7 I’O.

• Smart power options. Solar, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, smart site power module with battery back up (6-48V, 60V max).


• SDI 12.

• Internal power to sensor.

• SD card backup data storage in unit in CSV format (lifetime).

• Remotely configurable by the end user via the Ontoto App or through the web portal.

• 3G/4G/LTE modem options.

• 915MHz long range radio, LoRa, LoRaWAN options.

• Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

• Records data in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).