Ontoto’s Data Logger Suite

A free, web-based data monitoring system. The Ontoto Web Portal allows our customers to view and manage their data even when they are away from their primary computer. Data is sent from the logger(s) to our MySQL database on a remote server and published with user/password security. The web-portal provides both real-time and historical data in table and graph format. Data can be downloaded from the web page in CSV format when required and also can be sent to a third-party SCADA system as well. In addition, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology data is included in the web-portal.

ontoto's web portal showing data logger recordings

Get total control of your data

create & visualize derived parameters & custom metrics from your data points such as static water level, discharge, flow & more. Data & derived data can be easily saved & downloaded as images or CSV format and imported into a variety of applications.

AWS Dashboard

Ontoto’s AWS dashboard visualizes your data with both interactive graphs & widgets, for the best user experience and readability.

aws dashboard
ontoto's web portal. the worlds best data logging software

Your data & insights at your fingertips

Realtime insights & statistics provide fast & effective interpretation of your data. With total extendability through customizable parameters, notifications and alerts, to help you focus on what matters most.

Web Portal Features

  • Single and group charts for water level, static water level , static calibrated water level, temperature, rain, water flow, moisture, conductivity, salinity and TDS-KCL.

  • Raw and calibrated values can be included in the chart.

  • Calibration value can be added/modified at any time.

  • CSV download of the data at the click of a button.

  • Option to enable/configure notifications of device status.

  • Devices location will be displayed on Google Maps provided its co-ordinates have been added.

  • Option to download charts as png files in high resolution.

portal graph